Inimitable Physical Labels

A critical component of the Iterati toolkit is our patented labeling technology. Iterati labels can be described as physical peel and stick identifiers which get affixed to the physical artwork being identified, comparable to existing tagging and identity solutions such as barcodes, QR codes, or NFC chips.
However, unlike existing tagging solutions, every Iterati label is guaranteed to be unique and inimitable (cannot be copied), thanks to our proprietary, globally patented “optical fingerprint” solution.
Our unique labels combine a 2-dimensional (2D) barcode with a 3-dimensional (3D) optical fingerprint containing an array of colored microbeads encased in a drop of liquid polyurethane.
Each fingerprint is coated with a variable number of microbeads, each of a variable color. As the polyurethane dries, the beads settle into their final random position, based on the theory of Brownian motion which governs how solid particles behave when suspended in a liquid medium.
Due to the random nature of the particle positioning, as well as the variable coloring - the number of possible outcomes in generating the optical fingerprint exceeds 10^60, putting it in the same class as human DNA. These unique combinations are almost impossible to be duplicated by anyone, including the inventor or manufacturer.
Each label can therefore be identified as unique by our mobile application and optical scanning software - which can precisely discern the fingerprint based on the color and position of each microbead, down to the micrometer.