Configure Your Storefront

Creators using the storefront and payment processing functionality provided by Iterati can input their collection level information using the Storefront Metadata tab.

Storefront Status - A storefront in a DRAFT state will not be visible to collectors. Set the storefront to ACTIVE to make it public and begin accepting orders.

Storefront Slug * - Use this field to customize a shareable URL to your collection. The URL will always begin with but you can determine the last section of the URL with text of your choosing.

Collection Display Name * - The name of your collection which is displayed to potential purchasers visiting the storefront.

Collection Description - Input a description where you can describe the artworks, collection, or any other information which may be relevant for potential buyers.

Fee For Shipping * - Input a collection wide shipping fee in USD that gets added to the order total for any purchased artwork. If this field is greyed out you will need to first connect your bank account.

Shipping Information - Input any information that may be relevant about the shipping process such as a delivery timeframe and supported delivery destinations.

Any field with a * symbol beside it is required

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