Certification Process

Certification is the process where creators

  • Attach an Iterati NFC label to a physical art piece

  • Link that NFC label to a digital profile on Iterati (Artwork)

  • Mint a corresponding on-chain digital twin (NFT)

After completing certification for an artwork, anyone that taps the attached NFC with their mobile device will initiate the customizable engagement flow.


Prior to attempting certification make sure that you:

  1. Have enrolled a collection onto the platform with at least one artwork

  2. Are in possession of the physical art piece you would like to certify

Step 1. Attach an NFC label to the physical artwork

Select an NFC label in your possession, peel and stick it onto the artwork you will be certifying.

We recommend attaching to the bottom-left hand side of the back of the artwork. This way when the artwork is flipped and being viewed from the front, it will be easily accessible for most people to tap (bottom-right hand corner from the viewer's POV)

Step 2. Tap the attached label with your mobile device

Use your mobile device to tap the newly attached NFC label and initiate the certification process

Step 3. Log into your creator account

Click the Creator Account button and log in with your email

Step 4. Select a collection to certify from

Select the collection which contains the artwork that you are certifying

Step 5. Select an artwork to certify

Make sure you select the artwork which matches the physical work you have just labeled

Step 6. Confirm Certification

This process cannot be undone - so please ensure you are certifying the correct artwork.

Click the Certify This Artwork button and wait for a success confirmation.

Congratulations on certifying your first artwork with Iterati!

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