Customize the NFC tap experience to educate and engage anyone in physical proximity to your artwork.

The Iterati platform lets you control what patrons see when they tap the NFC label on one of your certified artworks.

This turns every NFC tap into an opportunity for further engagement, education, and community growth - while simultaneously providing an authenticity guarantee for the artwork being tapped.

Plug your socials, share an artist bio, link a video showcasing the artistic process - the choice is yours.

Through a simple CMS interface, you can choose how and what to display - choosing from many flexible content options including:

  • Claim an NFT on tap

  • Descriptions of the physical artwork, its dimensions, and the materials used

  • Collection level information and corresponding NFT stats

  • Custom text, video, or image content

  • Custom link to any third party website or app

  • Artist hand drawn signature module (coming soon)

It is important to highlight that this content is private by default and only available to users who have physically tapped one of your artworks.

This enables you to create private, customized experiences available only to patrons who buy your physical artwork or come and view it on display.

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