Physical Authenticity Labels

Secure, non-cloneable and tamper-evident

Iterati relies on encrypted, non-cloneable, peel and stick authenticity labels to power the platform's authenticity guarantees. Creators and gallery operators attach these to the back of any paper or canvas artwork as part of the certification process.

This enables collectors to access engagement and authenticity workflows through a simple smartphone NFC tap.

We can provide peel & stick labels for paper/canvas or hard plastic tags for embedding into a sculpture or 3D model - contact us to learn more.

Label Encryption & Specs

Iterati labels utilize the widely adopted Type 4 Near Field Communication (NFC) standard, making them compatible with most modern smartphones without requiring a special mobile application. Each Iterati NFC label carries a unique ID and private key that it uses to encrypt all tap operations using a secure industry standard encryption protocol called AES-CMAC.

This makes it impossible for our labels to be copied or duplicated.

When tapped, the labels emit a one-time dynamic URL formatted similar to this:

Modern smartphones follow this dynamic URL to the Iterati web application, which verifies the following encrypted query parameters to determine authenticity status and retrieve/display the corresponding digital certificate of authenticity.

e - encrypted/encoded unique label ID and tap count value

c - AES CMAC checksum value (used to verify that the request is authentic)

Label Properties


NFC Interoperability

ISO/IEC 14443-A communication, NFC Forum Type 4 Tag




416 Bytes

Data Retention

50 years / 200,000 read cycles

Label Size (Default)

30mm x 30 mm

Label Material

Fragile / Tamper-Evident

Destruct Pattern

Face tear

Tamper evident material will tear when removed after initial application - making it possible to remove, but very difficult to remove in one piece and reapply elsewhere.

Label Validation

Validating an artwork that has been affixed with an Iterati label is an incredibly simple process where users hover their mobile device over the NFC label until the dynamic URL is detected.

Iterati labels can be detected through paper, canvas or non-metal frames, making it possible to authenticate artworks even when they are on display and the label has been affixed to the back of the artwork.

There is no special app or software requirement.

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