Enroll a Digital Collection

For digital artists that have already minted NFT's using another platform

1. Identify your NFT collection

If you are enrolling a collection of NFT's that has already been deployed, then it should have a page on Opensea.

Find your collection on Opensea and paste its Opensea URL into the Iterati enrollment form.

Contact us if you are unable to find you collection.

2. Confirm the network your collection is deployed to

We support importing NFT collections from a variety of EVM based networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum and many others.

Help us confirm that we are enrolling the correct collection by confirming the network it is deployed to.

You can check this information on Opensea by finding the field called Chain

3. Confirm Collection

After selecting a chain, you should see the collection information load into view. Ensure that this information checks out and that Iterati is enrolling the correct NFT collection onto the platform.

4. Establish Provenance

The purpose of this step is to prevent creators from enrolling collections that they did not deploy or do not control.

If a creator deployed a collection of digital artworks, only they should be able to enroll that collection onto Iterati and benefit from authentic physicals.

This is ensured through our provenance workflow:

  1. Creators connect with their crypto wallet. They must connect with the same wallet that was used to originally deploy the NFT collection.

  2. The Iterati platform checks the blockchain to ensure that the connected wallet meets one of these requirements

    • Is the smart contract owner


    • Is the on-chain artistAddress (Art Blocks/Art Blocks Engine Projects)

    • Is a collection collaborator on Opensea

    • Is the on-chain artist (MintGoldDust Projects)

  3. If Iterati finds that the connected account does not meet any of these requirements, you will not be able to complete enrollment for this collection.

4. Generate a signed attestation

If our system finds that the connected wallet meets on of our requirements for provenance, you will be asked to generate an artist attestation. The attestation you generate here is signed by your crypto wallet and bundled into every Certificate of Authenticity generated for this collection.

This step will not create a blockchain transaction or cost you any gas.

5. Complete Enrollment

Double check that everything looks correct and click deploy.

Congratulations you have just enrolled your first collection onto Iterati!

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