Add Your Artworks

Create digital profiles for your physical artworks

Artworks are the physical pieces that make up your collection. A collection can consist of any number of artworks - the choice is yours. You can add additional artworks at any time using the Artworks tab

By adding an artwork to Iterati, you are creating a digital profile for your physical art piece - with customizable text and image based metadata that determines what collectors see upon a successful NFC tap.

The following fields allow you to define the metadata making up your artwork on Iterati

Display Name* - The name of your artwork that gets shown on your storefront and after an NFC tap.

Price* - How much it costs to acquire this artwork on the Iterati storefront. If this field is greyed out you will first need to connect your bank account. Only relevant if you are using the ecommerce functionality.

Edition Count* - If you checked Support Editions when enrolling the collection, you can define how many editions are available per artwork.

Material & Dimensions - Helpful information about the physical work, its dimensions, the canvas, and the artistic medium.

Artwork Description - Open ended description of the artwork, its meaning, and the creative process.

Storefront Image Reel* - A set of images to populate the storefront carousel. Only relevant if you are using the ecommerce functionality.

NFT Image* - The image that will be used when this physical art piece gets minted to the blockchain as an NFT.

Any field with a * symbol beside it is required

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