Connect Your Bank Account & Get Paid

Connecting Your Bank Account With Stripe

Creators that utilize Iterati's storefront and payment processing functionality will have to connect their bank account through Stripe prior to being able to make sales.

From the My Account tab - click the Connect Your Bank Account button to initiate a simple and secure onboarding flow with Stripe

You will need to provide information like:

  • Name

  • Address

  • DOB

  • Phone Number

  • SSN or TaxID - last 4 digits only

  • Bank Connection - For receiving payments only, Iterati cannot make charges to this account

After completing Stripe onboarding you will be able to update your storefront with per artwork pricing and a shipping surcharge.

Publishing you collection storefront

Now that you can receive funds when sales occur through one of your storefronts, you will want to publish your storefront so that it becomes visible to potential collectors.

Go to the Storefront Metadata tab and flip the Storefront Status to 'ACTIVE'

At this point your storefront has become public and you can freely share the storefront URL on social media or directly with potential buyers.

If you would like to deactivate the storefront - you can set the Storefront Status back to 'DRAFT'

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