What is Iterati

We bridge the gap between physical and digital art
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's) have created new category of art by making the purchasing process more accessible for collectors and more lucrative for artists. By adhering to strict consensus mechanisms, blockchains have created scarcity and a means of exchange in digital environments where there had previously been none.
This has empowered artists to create scarce and provably unique digital artworks and distribute them directly to their collectors.
However, this new blockchain driven distribution and scarcity model has largely been incompatible with traditional art in the physical world, where challenges in verifying authenticity and provenance have led to the creation of fragmented identity and authenticity solutions.

Our platform

Iterati is a technology and authenticity platform which operates at the intersection of physical and digital art.
Our toolkit enables NFT artists and photographers to create and sell provably unique physical versions of their digital artwork. This creates new revenue opportunities for artists, and enables collectors to own and display their work in both physical and digital environments.
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