What is Iterati

We bridge the gap between physical and digital art

Our platform

Iterati is an end-to-end platform that helps artists and galleries expand their practice with technology that simplifies authentication, builds community and creates exciting digital experiences that complement the artistic process.

Why it matters

A large majority of artists do not have secure, durable, and easily verifiable ways of guaranteeing authenticity to their collectors and protecting themselves from forgery.
Blockchain technology offers a partial solution through its strict consensus mechanisms, which enable creating scarcity in digital environments. This has empowered digital artists to create scarce and provably unique digital artworks and distribute them as NFT's.
Unfortunately this blockchain driven scarcity model has largely been incompatible with traditional art in the physical world, where challenges in verifying authenticity and provenance have created hurdles in the formation of an efficient authenticity standard.
Iterati aims to close this gap with tamper-proof physical identifiers deployed alongside secure digital identifiers in order to imbue physical artworks with the best properties of blockchain without sacrificing quality or creative freedom.